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Workout Plan At Home: What Do You Consider?


How do you tell if your workout at home plan will yield your desired results? Is it by its complexity or the equipment it utilizes? Well, let’s figure this out together!

Workout plan at home

We all design a workout plan at home for several reasons. It could be for health benefits, to lose or maintain weight, or as a therapy session. Regardless of our reasons for exercising, the truth of the matter is that we all have different body types. Therefore, do not expect your colleague’s, partner’s or sibling’s workout routine to fit your unique body type. It may seem as if choosing a workout plan at home is hectic, especially without a workout planner. However, it is neither hectic nor daunting. All you need is to take into account several factors that I will discuss in this piece.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Workout Regime

These are things you have probably heard over and over but maybe given little consideration. Therefore, I will help shed some light on why they are significant to consider for developing a proper workout plan at home. They include:

Your Goals

Workout plan at home

Again, there are various reasons why we decide to wake up, leave that sofa, and start exercising. It could be to shed off belly or postpartum fat, prepare for a sporting event, or tone your body. Whatever you aim to achieve, ensure you note it down before you start looking at an exercise routine. It is because it will guide your selection. Consider a case where you are planning a trip. You cannot make the itinerary without first deciding on your destination. It is the same case here. You cannot pick out a routine without first deciding what you want to achieve. Also, ensure that your goals are practical. There is no way you can lose belly fat or build muscle overnight. It is unrealistic. Instead of such, try formulating plans such as reduce your waistline from 36 to 34 within two months. The timeline is way more realistic, making the goal attainable.

Your Fitness Level

Before you start doing lunges, weight resistance, skipping, and so forth, assess where you are in terms of fitness. By this, I mean, you acknowledge if you are in the beginner, medium, advanced, or expert fitness level. Recognizing your fitness level will help you identify an exercise program that challenges you and helps you attain your goals. The best way to determine your fitness level is to evaluate how involved you are in physical activity. If you have never taken up any physical activity and are planning to start, you are at the beginner level. Thus, as you pick out a workout plan at home, select the one that better suits beginners. The same applies to the other fitness levels.

Your Enjoyment

Workout at home plans

The enjoyment element is one of the most crucial aspects that any individual working out has to consider. It was the first element I evaluated. I mean, if I was not going to wake up and exercise, it had to be for something I enjoyed. One thing I have come to realize is that some people think working out only entails dead-lifting and cardio. Therefore, if they do not like either, they forego all exercise routines. Contrary to this, exercise routines also embrace rope skipping, swimming, running, cycling, etc. Therefore, expand the exercise programs so that you can pick what you genuinely enjoy doing as you work towards your goals. If you are more of a lone ranger, then biking or running may be a good workout plan to consider. However, if you thrive among other people’s energy and boost, consider hitting the gym for weight resistance and cardio programs.

Your Schedule

We all workout at different times of the day. Some wake up early to start their day with some workout sessions. On the other hand, some get pumped for their workout sessions in the evening. It is fundamental to select a workout program that fits with your schedule. For example, if you love cycling and the best cycling trail is half an hour away, it makes sense to cycle in the evening.There is no way you will cycling in the morning, take three or so hours, and still report to work. It makes more sense to do it after work when you have less pressure and nowhere to report to afterwards. Similarly, if you enjoy cardio and can do it from home, you can decide to do it in the morning. It all comes down to what is convenient for you.

Your Preferences

Workout plan at home

No one knows you better than you do. So, when creating a workout plan at home, be as candid as you can with yourself. It will only help you sustain your exercise programs. If you love your blankets and are not a morning person, then avoid scheduling morning workout programs. Similarly, if you hate chilly weather, drop outside activities like jogging, biking, and cycling. The more honest you are with yourself, the higher the chances of creating a long term workout plan. Most people underestimate this aspect and believe that ignoring it is a way of ‘challenging’ yourself. Trust me when I say that your preferences will outweigh the program and make you quit sooner than expected. Thus, as much as you want to challenge yourself, be honest and realistic about how you go about it.

Your Lifestyle

Wourkout plans at home

An individual’s lifestyle has a significant influence on their workout program. Lifestyle encompasses an individual’s way of life, healthy behavior, leisure activities, and so forth. I have seen people who love junk food adopt challenging workout plans to help ‘keep up’ with their lifestyles. Likewise, I have seen people do a complete 360 degrees turnover in their lifestyle, merely because they are exercising. I believe that you do not have to go to these extremes to make your exercise routine effective. Instead, you need to find an exercise regime that will eventually help you adopt a healthier lifestyle. Changing your lifestyle and adopting an exercise plan, all at once is overwhelming. It is one of the reasons why people quit exercising. Therefore, avoid making the two changes all at once. First, pick a workout plan that accommodates your lifestyle, and later try to change and adopt a healthier one.

Your Health

Workout plan at home

Of course, you have to put into consideration your health before you start exercising. There is no way you will begin to dead-lift, and you recently had a knee injury. Similarly, there is no way you will begin exercising days after having a caesarean section. The utmost goal is for you to be healthy. Risking your health by ignoring your current health problems will only lead to more fatal health conditions. However, having a health problem does not have to rule out exercising entirely. Instead, it only sheds light on what physical activity you can undertake, when, and how. This is why individuals are asked to consult their doctors before they take up any workout plan at home.


Whichever workout plan at home you decide to choose, ensure that you evaluate each of these factors. They play an integral role in determining the achievement of your goals. Similarly, remember to take it slow and enjoy the routine. Going hard does not mean you maximize your results. Instead, it can lead to overtraining that leads to various health conditions. Therefore, be patient with yourself and expect intriguing results if you have taken into account all of these factors.

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