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Workout At Home Mistakes You Prolly Making

The coronavirus lockdown has made people switch to home workouts due to gym closures. The problem is not all know of workout at home mistakes.

Exercise mistakes

At first glance, working out at home seems like a brilliant idea. I mean, what is there to hate? You get fit, your body goals in check, and looking right at the comfort of your home. However, this is not all you can get. Contrary to your initial plans, you may end up with injuries and counterproductive workouts. These may result from doing various workout at home mistakes. 99% of the time, most people do not realize they are making these errors. They only come to the realization when they see no changes from their workout programs. Since most people are working out at home with no trainer, the margin of these errors is quite huge. Therefore, in this piece, I will share a few but common workout at home mistakes that you should avoid. Recognizing and fixing these issues will help you achieve your workout goals in no time.

Not Doing Warm-up Exercises

Workout at home mistakes

Let me use an example to explain this point. Think about going out for a drive on a chilly day. You get in and immediately get moving without giving your car no time to run. The probability is that it will not run efficiently because it is yet to pick momentum. In other words, you never gave it time to prepare it to run from 0 to 100. The same concept applies to any individual who is trying out workout at home abs exercises or any exercise at all. You have to warm up to prepare your heart, lungs, muscles, and other body parts for the incoming physical activity. You risk damaging yourself if you do not get ready both physically and emotionally for your workout by warming up.

Trying Every Instagram or YouTube Workout

When I first started doing the workout at home exercises, I had a lot of trainers to choose from. I mean, you go on YouTube and find people recommending trainers like Chloe Tings, MadFit, GetFitbyIvana, Pamela Reif, you name them. Down the line, I realized that I never took the time to study what trainer fit my workout plan. Take a scenario where you ask a lab technician for health advice merely because they are in the medical field. Being in the same field does not mean they know what is eating you up. The same applies to this scenario. Merely because their workout plans work for them do not mean that they must work for us. We all have different body forms, body types, and reactions to other exercises.

Thinking Sweating Means Losing the Targeted Weight

Workout mistakes

Correct me if am I wrong but most people have had this notion when they started working out. I cannot blame them because I too, have had these thoughts. I would sweat in the first five minutes of my workout and think that I had lost at least 1lb of fat. Thus, I assumed that the more I dripped sweat, the more calories I burnt. However, this is all but a consolation that we make our minds believe in maintaining the workout consistency. Sweating only means that you are becoming dehydrated and need to drink water ASAP. This is why people are told to drink water before, during, and after the workout. It leads me to the next workout at home mistakes that people fall victim to.

Workout at Home Mistakes of Not Hydrating

Workout at home exercises

If you keep up with my articles in the workout arena, you will discover that I prioritize hydration. For me, water is the secret behind that glowing skin and fast weight loss. So, grab your water bottle and hydrate. However, I have had people complain that they drink water but see no results. It depends on your water intake intervals. I have heard people taking two litres all at once and spending the rest of the day not taking water. In their minds, they have taken the required daily water intake. Although this is the case, it is not appropriate. You should drink two litres of water evenly throughout the day. This is the reason why people are told to take their water in glasses and evenly through their day. So, as much as you drink water as you exercise, also consume it throughout even after your workout routine.

Repeating the Same Workout Routine

Imagine if you ate one type of food, saw one specific movie and stayed in one room forever. Would life be interesting? For me, that is a definite no. It is the same case with your workout program. You will not see your intended results if you keep doing the same program. Things will get boring because your body becomes used to that regime. In the real sense, your plan might end up being counterproductive. So, try and switch up your exercise plans to avoid creating imbalances in your body. Similarly, the switch of regimes will keep challenging your body to adjust and achieve different goals.

Over-training for Faster Results

Workout at home mistakes

If you type faster, you will get your assignment done in no time. That is a fact. Most people, and especially beginners, carry this concept in their workout regime. They believe working out daily and for countless hours will help them get faster results. The problem is that this concept does not apply everywhere. In this case, over-training only makes you weary and nonproductive for your next session. Regardless if you are doing aerobics, cardio, rope skipping, or weight resistance, the truth of the matter is that you need rest. A rest period will help your muscles recover as well as help you relax and gather momentum for the next routine.

Setting Astronomical Goals

When I first started my workout regime, I had this problem. I was so focused on losing my belly fat that I only paid attention to this goal. The problem with this is that every day I beat myself up for not seeing the changes I wanted. In my mind, I was doing everything. I mean, I was doing the lose belly fat in one-week exercises, drinking my water, and maintaining an 80-20 diet plan. I beat myself so hard that I gradually started becoming demotivated. It was not until I began setting short term wins or goals. I set goals such as reducing my sugar intake, running at least twice a week and so on. Slowly by slowly, I began seeing some changes around my waistline. The short term wins were more practical and less disappointing compared to the long term astronomical goal.

Doing the Right Exercises in the Wrong Form

Workout at home mistakes

Of all workout at home mistakes, I was a victim to this, especially because I did start with a trainer around. Although I was doing the right exercises, I would do them in the wrong form. For example, if it were the plank exercise, I would find myself in the improper posture. As a result, I would always complain of backaches and other injuries here and there. I decided to take a chill pill and research how every exercise should be done. Following my research, I was able to perform every activity in the correct form. Consequently, I started seeing my results without having any knee, back, or other body injuries.


Some people do one-hour workouts and do nothing for the rest of the week. In their minds, the one hour burn is enough to cater for the entire week. Any fitness guru in the sports industry will tell you that it is a workout myth that is killing your goals. The same way you study to pass your tests is the same way you should work out for results. No matter how long or thorough the workout was, one program will not give you abs or change your body. It has to be something you do continuously. So, the same you schedule for your study sessions, also plan for your workouts.

Relying on the Scale

Workout mistakes to avoid

If you always go on the scale every week to see your progress, then be ready for disappointments. At first, I was over-reliant on the scale and was curious to see if the workout programs were working. Of course, I could see some changes from my pictures, but I was interested in weighing. The first and second week I got some consolation. However, after that, I realized that my weight was decreasing no more but instead increasing. Furious and frustrated, I threw out the scale and relaxed when it came to my program. It was not until later that I did my research and gained an explanation for the sudden weight increase. I realized that muscles weigh more than fat. Therefore, as you exercise, some fat is converted into muscle, which is heavier. Do away with the scale. It will only demotivate you despite being on the right track.

These are some of the workout at home mistakes that I did and have corrected in my workout programs. They have saved me from multiple injuries, hideous workout plans, and so on. I hope they do work wonders for you too!

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