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Work from Home Jobs Matter!

What comes to mind when you hear of work from home jobs? Do you think they are sustainable? I can tell you for a fact that work from home jobs matter!

Work from Home Jobs vs Office Work

Work from home jobs

When we look at the overview of the work from home concept, you will be surprised. I have heard people argue that work from home jobs are little side gigs that cannot sustain a lifestyle. On the other hand, I have seen individuals actively supporting that work from home jobs can be full-time jobs that are equivalent to office jobs. Looking at both perspectives, I tend to understand where both parties are coming from. Picture this; the individual viewing work from home jobs as side gigs may prioritize office work more than work from home jobs.

Similarly, he or she may have a work from home job that works out perfectly as a side gig. So, you cannot blame the guy for his perception. On the other hand, the individual standing firmly for work from home jobs as being equivalent to office work may be working from his or her couch throughout. In this online job, he or she may have made cash that has sustained his or her lifestyle and has indeed proven that work from jobs are equivalent to office work. Hence, the support for ‘work from home jobs matter.’

History of Work from Home Jobs

Work from home jobs

As the name suggests, work from home jobs begun when individuals started looking for online jobs that they could do at the comfort of their homes. Initially, when an employee fell sick or had an emergency that could make him or her absent from the office, there was no way they could make up for that day. Instead, all they had to do was hope they would get better and get to work early to finish their impending tasks. Some would get their colleagues to fill in their tasks for them, which was brilliant.

However, after the technology revolution, individuals got wind to some platforms that could help them operate despite being away from the office. Initially, most people would do their job and then hand it in via email. As time passed by, technology provided more platforms and loopholes that people now viewed as online jobs. For example, the need for a resource by other people led to the establishment of online sales jobs.  

start an online business

Similarly, globalization and networking led to the need for services that people needed, like translation services. Thus, there was the birth of online translation services. With time, a lot of online or work from home jobs have been established. Of course, most people are curious about them, but at the same time, paranoid. Therefore, in this piece, I will detail the benefits and pitfalls of work from home jobs to prove to you that work from home jobs matter too.

Why Working from Home Matters

Work online from home

If there is an era that most people have appreciated work from home jobs, then 2020 is that year. The corona-virus lockdown has left everyone online looking for tasks they can do to earn a few bucks. Of course, everyone is running to the same idea forgetting that we are different and have our strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, if you want to know the best online job for you, take a look at the piece: how to choose the best online job easily. I can list at least twenty reasons why working from home is fundamental in my reasoning. However, in this piece, I will look at the three solid reasons why you need to uphold work from home jobs. They include:


If I were to bring up the flexibility concept to a group of random individuals, then you would realize that there are two camps on this matter. The camps might also exist in my audience. One group tends to think that work from home jobs give people too much flexibility that they cannot handle. Thus, they believe most people get nothing done and are in most cases in their couch binging with some Netflix. The other group might argue that flexibility allows the individuals to plan themselves and get everything done on time. While both groups are right in some element, the fact is that the flexibility of work from home jobs allows people to be more productive.

Work at home online

Usually, office jobs require that you are settled in your space at a specific time. The rule does not apply to work from home jobs. Thus, you can operate at any time and in your PJ’s. The good thing about this flexibility is that people have come up with schedules that work best for them and not the institution. Therefore, they work when they are most productive and not when the system says they need to do so. With such schedules, you will find most people working even at night or early in the morning. The bottom line is that flexibility allows people to be more productive because they are in charge of their schedule.


Online jobs

With work from home jobs, you do not have to keep looking over your shoulder to see if your boss is watching you. It all comes down to self-discipline, commitment, and passion. If you are passionate about something, then it does not matter where you are because you are going to accomplish it. Hence, people who are passionate about their work from home jobs can enjoy both being productive and independent. If you always desired to be your won boss, then I recommend you read this piece: Make money online.


I recently discovered that having an online job exposes you to other work from home jobs. For example, if you are offering tutoring services online, then you can also be hired to translate or write content. Similarly, if you have an online beauty store, you might find the opportunity for offering online beauty classes. Therefore, expect to grow and find multiple opportunities when you take up work from home jobs. They could take you to the next level compared to if you were enclosed to an office somewhere. It is not to mean that office work does not present itself with these opportunities. No, it certainly does. What I mean is that since most businesses are online today, you can get growth opportunities faster online.

Pitfalls of Working Online from Home

While most people think that working online from home is all roses, it too has its thorns. Let me share two common yet highly ignored or overlooked pitfalls of having work from home jobs.

Lack of Boundaries

Work from home online jobs

When you take up a work from home job, it means that you will have to mesh it in with your everyday home life. The problem is that most people do not create boundaries, which makes them view every minute they are at home as if they at work. What I mean is that most people are overwhelmed by their home duties and work from home jobs, especially if they lack a schedule. You will find that when one is more productive, they focus on their mommy or daddy duties. Similarly, when one ought to be working, one is multitasking work and fun or work and family. As a result, they get nothing done and have to forfeit their daily tasks to the following day. Learn to create boundaries by developing a realistic schedule if you are mainly a family guy. Create time for your spouse, kids, work, and yourself! If not, you will develop a procrastination problem whose effects will be felt in your work output.

Neglect Feelings

Working from home sounds all fun until you realize that you might be sacrificing your social life. Of course, you can always link with your friends through social media and give them a call through face time once in a while. However, sometimes, physical appearance is more important. You might not realize it, but such a break from your home can work wonders. After all, too much work without play makes Jack a dull boy. So, we come back to the value of scheduling. Schedule a meet up with your friends away from your home. It could be two hours, afternoon, or overnight meet up. Whatever it is, make the best use of it because that period will help in relaxing your mind. Consequently, you will be fresh come the next day when you are clocking into your work from home job.


Taking work from home jobs might sound easy, but there is a lot that people need to know about these jobs. Just like you have a culture shock when you clock in your first office job, expect the same challenges in work from home jobs. The good thing is that all issues can be eliminated through two powerful techniques. These are creating a schedule and being disciplined. With discipline, comes the focus and concentration you need to abide by your schedule for a brilliant workflow. So, I end by saying that work from home jobs matter as much as office jobs do. Do you agree? Share your opinions with me in the comment section down below.

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