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What to do after overeating

We all fall into the trap of overeating, and particularly, in the holidays. However, there is no reason to panic. Here is what to do after overeating.

do this after overeating

Unlike the very few people who know that overeating is not harmful, majority of the people who overeat tend to beat themselves up. However, this is wrong. Most people are always online with searches such as ‘Should I go into intermittent fasting after overeating?’ or ‘how to deal with overeating and what to do after overeating’ Here are things you should do if you have overeaten:



Contrary to what other people may tell you, I tell you to relax. ‘Why yet I have spoiled my dieting routine?’ You may ask. The reason I ask you to relax is that I have never heard of a person who added weight from overeating one time. Also, it does not mean that you have spoiled your dieting plan. What can ruin your diet and workout habit is overeating regularly.

Every habit that impacts your health, diet, and also your workout is as a result of a consistent pattern. The thing is, most people try to go for a ‘perfect’ diet and exercise, yet all these are non-existent. Therefore, if you are only eating healthy foods and not eating junk food, you are trying to implement the perfect diet plan, and this is non-existent. Once in awhile, eat that pizza, overeat on candy, and also grab a glass of wine.

After you do this, relax. Most people go to the gym and kill themselves with cardio. Trust me; this is the wrong move. Rather than worry about the one hundred crunches you are going to do, try to decide what pattern you will follow in the future. For instance, overeating candy in a day makes me abstain from eating candy in the coming month. Everything is about a pattern.

Go For a Walk

take a walk

Immediately after you overeat, try and take a stroll to help in stimulating your digestion. However, do not overdo it. I have seen people go for a two-hour walk in the name of shedding off the calories they consumed. Here is the thing; long walks may make more blood to be pumped to your legs. Consequently, it leads to slow digestion. A sluggish metabolism can make fat to be stored in your belly, yet you thought it was being eliminated. Thus, go easy on your walk. If not, you can opt to take a cruising bike ride. However, do not over do the cycling too.


drink water

After your big meal, go ahead and take a glass of water. Water is a magical weapon when it comes to shedding off weight and also stubborn belly fat. However, it does not work instantly. Again, it is all about adopting healthy patterns and also implementing them consistently. If you are on a weight loss journey, drink more gallons of water daily. You can read how to lose weight naturally and get insight into what to do.

Do not Sleep!

avoid sleeping

Yes, do not sleep. I know how good a nap becomes, especially after one has overeaten. However, napping is not good. It is because it only aids one in conserving the calories one has just consumed. Thus, I advise an individual to try to look for an activity that they can undertake. For instance, one can try doing the dishes, taking a brisk walk, or also playing with their smaller nephews and nieces.

Plan Your Next Meal

plan your meals

If you overate at lunchtime, do not continue with the trend of overeating at dinner. Instead, try and plan on how you are going to bounce back to your usual routine and dieting plan. One must eat less fatty foods, and for instance, substitute them for vegetables. Some people tend to skip a meal after they have overeaten. However, this is not recommended. Our bodies require energy, and fasting can make the body react differently than expected.  

If you have overeaten today, do not beat yourself up. Instead, relax, undertake an activity, and then bounce back to your workout routine. These behaviors after overeating will help you get back on track ASAP!

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