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Useful Tips on How to Plan a Trip

Travel planning can be daunting and overwhelming, especially if you are traveling with kids. Luckily, you have this helpful guide on how to plan a trip.

plan a trip

‘How do people with three children plan for a trip?’ ‘How do you plan a trip if it is your first time?’ ‘What are you supposed to consider when you are planning a trip?’ These are among the hundreds of questions that most people ask when they are traveling or when they are planning to travel. Although they may seem straightforward, they are, in real sense, quite tricky to answer. For example, how do you advise a mother of four to prepare to travel? Do you tell her to book a hotel, pack, and stay ready? The answer is no. Other crucial factors need to be considered, which makes this guide on how to plan a trip very useful.

 Useful Hacks on How to Plan a Trip 

Are you aware of what to pack, budget for, and anticipate in your trip? Hopefully, this straightforward guide will help give you more insight. Below are the various things you need to keep in mind if you are looking forward to traveling:

Decide on your destination weeks, months, and even a year before

Choose a destination

‘Next year I will travel,’ this is one of the vaguest things I have heard people say. It is like setting a broad goal, which is very difficult to achieve. One ought to specify where they want to visit. For example, if it is in Texas, specify it is Dallas, or wherever. The specificity helps you to stick to that goal and budget for that specific location. However, if you say you want to visit the Philippines, there are a lot of areas there. They will make budgeting, hotel booking, and activity planning harder to plan for.

Choose a specific date and mark it

mark a date

Another vague thing to say if you are planning to travel is ‘I will travel next month.’ You ought to set a date. Therefore, you ought to say, ‘I will travel on December 13, 2019, to Dallas, Texas.’ Again, the specificity helps you to clear your schedule, avoid doing things last minute, and also prepare you mentally.

Prepare those you are traveling with mentally

 travel buddies

If it is not a solo trip, ensure that those you are traveling with are also mentally prepared that they will travel soon. Keep reminding them to ensure that if they are adults, they get to handle their business before the trip, to avoid carrying work on a trip. However, if they are children, remind them regularly to ensure they pack and have everything they need for the trip before time.

Decide the mode of travel you want

transportation modes

Although most people believe that they have to travel by plane to make their trip memorable, they are other modes they can use and still make their trip worthwhile. For example, you can choose rail transportation to get to your destination. On the other hand, you can also choose road transportation. The mode will depend on your preferences, the distance to the destination, and also the mode available.

Book your tickets before the traveling date

book the tickets

I have seen so many people book their plane and train tickets last minute. As a result, they end up having numerous complaints. For example, I have heard complaints of people getting separated from their friends or getting squeezed due to a few planes or buses. Instead of all these complaints, ensure you book your ticket early. However, it is crucial to conduct your research before booking to avoid getting conned online. The research will help you know if you have to make the booking online or manually in a booking office.

Book your accommodation

Book accomodation

Do not only book the flight but also your accommodation. Trust me; it is hectic trying to look for a hotel after you have just arrived at your destination. The last-minute booking gives you no time to book a nice hotel. Besides that, you get no chance to conduct thorough research on the reviews of that specific hotel. As you book your hotel, there are various things you need to put in mind. These include the number of days you are in that area, the hotel deals, packages, and also the money-back policy. You can also search for the kids’ fun activities provided in the hotel; that is if you are traveling with your little ones.

Schedule a date to get the immunizations

get immunized

If, for example, you are traveling to a new country, you will find requirements to get immunized against various diseases. Note, you will not be accepted into whatever country without the specified immunization documents. Thus, to ensure you do not forget, plan a date on when you are going to get immunized.

Plan for how you are going to move around

plan for movement

If you plan to go around the city, then you need to plan for how this will be possible. There are various ways you can move around. For instance, using uber, a taxi, or rental car. However, these modes depend on the available transportation means and also your preference. If, for example, the area uses trains, you will use trains. Similarly, if it uses vehicles such as tuk-tuks, you can consider using them.

Plan for the activities you wish to undertake

plan fun activities

One of the primary reasons most people fail to enjoy their trips is failing to plan for activities. As a result, they miss out on activities that are only found in their destination. For example, one could fail to go for a desert safari while in Dubai, if they have not planned for it in advance. Hence, if you want to make the most out of your trip, plan, and book the activities in advance.

Check your visa for expiration

check visa for expiration

You may be planning to travel but a day or two before your departure, you end up canceling after noticing your visa has expired. Thus, the moment you decide to travel, check your visa to ensure that it is not close to expiration. In case it is, take appropriate measures.

Plan for where to eat, drink, or hang out

places to eat

Although most people do not do it, it is quite essential. Rather than wonder where to eat after a tiring excavation, why not plan it before and have everything set? Besides, it will help you know what to expect even before you get there. In addition to that, planning can help you enjoy local cuisines and staple foods of the area. Similarly, planning will help you know what local joint to hang out in, especially if you plan on traveling with kids. You can, for example, discover that a certain hang out region has a hang out sector for kids and adults.

Keep your important traveling documents in check

verify traveling documents

You must ensure that all the traveling documents are intact and secure. Traveling documents could, for instance, include the visas, itineraries, medical documents, credit cards, rental car reservations, and also the hotel reservations. However, this list does not limit the documents to these stated ones. They are numerous and depend on one’s traveling plans.

Plan on how you will access your money


Although most people do not plan their money, it is very vital. Some local areas could, for instance, lack banks allowing you to conduct money transactions. Others, on the other hand, may have transaction areas, which, however, could charge high transaction fees. Thus, conduct your research to identify what approach best suits you.  

Pack smart 

pack smart

I have seen numerous individuals pack so many clothes, to the point that their luggage exceeds the required limit. Therefore, they have to unpack and reduce their luggage before check-in. Similarly, I have seen others pack hefty, and also do so much shopping in their destination. Asa result, they are forced to buy a new suitcase. All these scenarios can be avoided when one packs smart. Thus, pack for what you need and not what you want. Similarly, use the rolling technique. It helps you pack more in a limited space. Also, separate your items into compartments, since it makes retrieval easier.

In summary:

There are many things people take for granted when they are planning for a trip, despite them being so significant. These elements could potentially jeopardize their entire journey. To ensure you avoid anything compromising your trip, ensure you read through this easy guide on how to plan a trip. It is straightforward and also detailed.

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