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The Secret on How to Lose Belly Fat Fast!

lose stubborn belly fat

We have seen so many commercials and ads claiming that they can help one lose their stubborn belly fat in a week. Who would not love to have a flat stomach and rippling abs in a week? I know I would. Therefore, millions of people from across the globe are spending thousands of dollars trying to execute anything that would help them have a flat stomach. However, some end up disappointed. But how accurate or magical are these ads and commercials? Well, there is no magic to it. Here are the legitimate ways on how to lose belly fat fast and safe.

Facts about belly fat

We have seen celebrities complain about having stubborn belly fat. In fact, a couple of them have admitted to being under the knife to get it off. However, the question remains, is this the safest way to shed off this fat? The answer is no. Before looking on how to lose this stubborn fat, let us fast look at some quick facts about belly fat.

There are various types of fat

One is the subcutaneous fat, which is the looser fat that one grabs when pinching the skin. It is situated just beneath the skin. The second type of fat is Intramuscular fat. This is Iocated in the skeletal muscles. Lastly is the visceral fat. Now, this fat can be found between your abdominal organs such as the liver, stomach, or kidney. It is what most people know as belly fat when it is situated in the stomach.

Excessive fat is harmful to your health

If your visceral fat is too much, it could lead to health complications such as heart attacks, heart disease, stroke, raised blood pressure, Alzheimer’s disease, breast, and colorectal cancer.

Having some fat is perfectly healthy and okay

Most people believe that any type of fat deposits under their skin is unhealthy. Well, this is a health misconception.

How to lose belly fat within a week

I bet you have seen multiple workout videos, ads, and even commercials by celebrities claiming that they can help you lose belly fat within a week. However, after trying out the program or implementing the exercise routine, you find yourself with the same fat. It leaves you wondering, ‘What am I doing wrong?’ There is nothing you are doing wrong. Remember, this is just another way for the company to sell out their ‘secret products.’

Hence, do not beat yourself so much in case you do not get the results you were hoping for. Rather than be manipulated by such skimming companies, use this guide to help you lose the stubborn belly fat safe and fast.

How to lose belly fat by diet

eat a healthy diet

How many times have you heard the slogan, ‘Watch what you eat!’ Thousands of times if I may answer on your behalf. What most people do not realize is that what they consume play a significant role in the fat they accumulate. What am I hinting at? I am hinting at the fact that your diet is the primary contributor to your belly fat. Thus, keep away from unhealthy junk food that will only increase your belly fat. Do not get me wrong; I am not advocating against eating junk food. Instead, I am merely advocating for not overdoing it.

Instead of unhealthy food, eat healthy foods. After all, abs are built in the kitchen, right? So, focus on eating whole and unprocessed foods such as;

Proteins: Eggs, fatty fish, poultry, whey, meat, cottage cheese, among others

Veggies: broccoli, kale, cabbage, spinach, salad

Fats: fish oil, olive oil, nuts, flax seeds

Fruits: apples, oranges, pears, banana, pineapple

Carbohydrates: Oats, brown rice, quinoa, whole grain pasta

I have heard the complaint ‘I have been eating all those but still have my belly fat’ a thousand times. However, I see no changes. Here is the thing, you do not just eat without putting in mind the proportionate. Hence, it is advisable to cut down on the carbs ratio. One should also increase on the veggies and proteins intake.

avoid alcohol consumption

Also, recall to cut down on the sugar and unprocessed foods if you want fast results. Ensure you also get rid of alcohol if you want rapid results. Additionally, do not starve yourself since this only increases the fat deposits in your body.

How to lose belly fat by exercise

exercise regularly

Exercising is the fastest way of shedding off unwanted fat. However, the million-dollar question is ‘what exercises reduce belly fat fast?’ Any activity that helps you fight belly fat is efficient. For example, one to adopt is taking a brisk walk daily for an hour highly boosts your metabolism and helps shed off some fat. Similarly, exercise such as walking on a treadmill, swimming, doing yoga, cycling, and jogging greatly reduce belly fat accumulation.

In case one opts for other engaging exercises, some to include are burpees, planks, elbow planks, mountain climbing, and windshield wipers. However, if you do not match these exercises with a proper diet, it will all be in vain. So, ensure you exercise, drink plenty of water, and eat a healthy diet. It is advisable that one tracks their waist size by measuring it after every week to see their progress. The fit waist size for women is one that is less than 35 inches, while for a man is that which is less than 40 inches.

How to lose belly fat fast at home

Several tips can help you lose belly fat fast if you are always at home. First and foremost is to always engage in physical activity at least four times a week. It could be walking, playing soccer, jogging, or swimming. Secondly, a person needs to move around more. Avoid spending too much time on the sofa. After all, it only makes you store fat. Take a brisk walk to your friend, walk your pet, or find something to do that does not involve sitting on the couch.

eat healthy

Thirdly, ensure you also track your diet. Cut down on the carbs while you add more proteins and fats. In addition to that, make sure you eat regularly and drink water frequently. Lastly, exercise at least four times a week for not less than thirty minutes. Therefore, if you want fast results, then you will need to add exercise to your routine. You will be intrigued by how fast you shed off this stubborn fat.

There is no magical pill or workout plan that will help you lose belly fat in a fortnight. So, do not be fooled. However, there are various methods one can acquire a flat stomach in a month. However, they require consistency. Learn these legitimate and safe ways on how to lose belly fat from this article.

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