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The Magic of Following Your Heart

Following your heart might not be easy as it sounds. It is confusing and daunting. However, one thing for sure is that it trumps upon all other cards.

Following your heart

We have all had to face the dilemma of either following our hearts or not, at one point in life. It might have been in our personal life, work stations, or at home. I feel at times that the decision to follow one’s heart becomes way complicated than it is supposed to be. I cannot blame anyone for this because human intuition tends to sometimes blow things out of proportion. We start over-analyzing things and overthinking. As a result, we end up making decisions that do not make our hearts happy, even a single bit. Thus, I decided to compile this article on the magic that sprouts when you start following your heart.

Following Your Heart in the Business Field

Following your heart

I have heard countless individuals asking people to leave their emotions out of the door when they are making business-related decisions. It could be a good and bad thing. For me, nothing enormously matters in the business world than passion. If you are not passionate about what you do, then there are chances that you will be pouring money down the drain. We all know that following your heart creates passion.

Consequently, with passion comes commitment. Therefore, I urge individuals to follow their hearts when they are making business or investment decisions. It will help you choose what you want to do for the rest of your life. Now, I know that you do not want to get tied up in a career that you do not love. Or do you?

Following Your Heart in a Relationship

Following your heart

We are all swept off our feet by a special someone at one point in our lives. The timing could be wrong or accurate, depending on what one has planned out for their life. Nonetheless, the bottom line is that we have found ourselves a special someone. Now, the problem comes in when you have to make tough decisions such as moving in or settling down with your spouse. Again, like the critical analysts we are, we start bringing in other unnecessary factors to validate our decisions. The decision does not have to be that complicated. Instead, it is right in you. It all depends on how you answer this question, ‘How do you feel about her/him?’ If your partner makes your heart grow fonder, then take the next step. It is a matter of following your heart.

Reasons Why Following Your Heart Never Fails

Following your heart

I have heard most people say that following your heart clouds your judgment. However, I choose to differ with this opinion. I do believe that following your heart can help you make the right decisions, especially if you take the time to analyze the subject at hand. Here is a list I compiled on why I do believe following your heart never disappoints:

  • It aligns with your intuition, which we all know is a good thing when it comes to decision making.
  • You get to make decisions that make you happy instead of those that make others happy.
  • When you start following your heart, you start living your true self. This way, you have no regrets about what you should have done differently.
  • You get to learn by following your heart. Some decisions you make by following your heart might not always succeed. The truth is that you might get it wrong numerous times before you get it right. However, these failures do teach you a valuable life lesson.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that following your heart is not a bad idea. I know that we cannot always make decisions by following our hearts. However, it feels damn good to do so, and you need such joy in your life. So, why not?

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