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Best Workout Advice For Results!

The best workout advice can help you achieve your body goals. Therefore, it is crucial to get helpful advice. Check out these useful exercise tips.

I recently had a sit down with top lifestyle and fitness coaches, and trust me when I tell you the session was lit. Lit because, to begin with, I got an insight into what one may be doing wrong or to the extreme. Secondly, I got the best workout advice for beginners and pros. So, if you are wondering what this wisdom that was shared is, let us jump straight into it: 

Be consistent

Be consistent

Consistency is one value that people are asked to have in practically every segment of their life. Exercising is no different. One needs to be consistent in their workouts because it brings out the best results. Besides, it is also the best way to keep focused, fight boredom, and even push one to confront any challenge that could be standing in the way of their goals. So, in addition to exercise, be consistent in whatever else that you are doing in life. Three last words for you, DON’T LOSE HEART!

Do not beat yourself down

do not beat yourself down

Most people tend to beat themselves so hard whenever they go against their diet plan or work out routines. Thus, you tend to find most people, for instance, when they eat junk food, be so hard on themselves, worry a lot, and even sometimes stress about the situation. Whenever you feel you have cheated on a diet, do not beat yourself up. Instead, brush it off and continue with your work out plan. Junk food is not bad when it is eaten once in a while. However, it is fatal when overdone. If it is a one-time thing, keep calm and continue with your exercise routine. 

Add brisk walks to your routine

take brisk walks

Walking is the simplest and easiest way to work out. I mean, it is just putting one foot forward over the other. However, it is highly ignored by most people. If people knew the value of taking a few brisk walks, then they would get started immediately.

On the contrary, I do not mean just taking walks of five-ten minutes. No, the minimum brisk walk you can take in a day is that of 30 minutes. Why is walking significant as an exercise, you may ask? Well, here is why. Walking not only helps in lowering your blood pressure but also helps in making your bones stronger.

Similarly, brisk walks in a day make your heart get stronger, makes you reduce stress levels, and also make you sleep well at night. If you feel weird walking alone, you can grab a friend and enjoy the walk together. However, if you are more comfortable alone, you can grab your headphones and use this as a meditation session.

The fitness journey never gets easy

it only gets tougher

There is an assumption amongst most people that the fitness journey becomes more manageable as one continues with their fitness program. However, the truth of the matter is that things become tougher, prompting you to either fall back or become stronger. Although most people believe they can never slide back to their old ways, it only takes a few challenging moments to slide back to them.

Thus, do not think that just because you have never tripped, you will never fall. To ensure you are motivated to achieve your goals, the only thing that you can do is stay focused and grow stronger each day. Therefore, whenever you feel tired to work out, or change your schedules and feel like skipping workouts, remember that it only gets demanding, so stay sharp.

Find a workout buddy 

grab a workout partner

It is essential to find a work out buddy, especially if you struggle motivating yourself. A workout partner will help you keep on pushing yourself to the limits, especially when you do not want to. In most cases, one is advised to pick a workout partner who is more focused on fitness. This is because they will tend to make them enjoy the fitness program, rather than view it as a punishment.

Ensure you refuel after your work out

eat after exercising

Another best workout advice is to ensure you refuel after exercising. I have come across people who feel that there is no need to eat after working out since this is just a means of adding calories one has strained to lose. Well, this is one wrong thing I have ever heard of in terms of exercising. Instead of fasting after a workout, ensure you eat.

Ensure you feed on carbohydrates, vitamins, fruits, and proteins. The proteins and carbs help in replenishing your glycogen levels and also repairing your muscle tissue. Fruits such as bananas provide you will potassium that gives your body the energy it needs to repair its muscles.

Focus on long term goals rather than short ones

set long term goals

I was talking to some of the best fitness coaches in my town, and they specifically insisted on this point. They stated that most people go to the gym or instead work out at home with different goals. Majority of the people tend to focus on short term goals rather than think long term. Therefore, you will, for example, tend to see someone give it their all in the gym for two weeks or until they lose their love handles.

After that, they will tend to always come to the gym for other reasons. For example, it could be to link with their friends or take a picture for the gram. If at all they are working out, you will not tend to see them will the morale they had before achieving their short term goals. What most people forget is that building a dream body takes time, which makes it a long term goal.

Although losing the love handles is an accomplishment, you still have to work on other sectors if your long term goal is to get that hourglass figure. Also, remember that working on long term goals entails caring for the mind as well as the body. It also involves minimizing the risk of injuries and maintaining a balance on sleep, diet, and exercise.

Focus on what you are not good at 

challenge yourself

It is rather hard to focus on the exercises that one is not good at since they are portrayed as challenging. However, do not expect changes if you do not challenge yourself. Just like any other work, monotony will hardly bring out productivity due to the repetitive routines. Hence, as you work out, also include those exercises that you can’t stand.

After all, there is a saying that states, no pain, no gain. Suffering from challenging tasks makes you see some improvement. Nonetheless, do not just implement all challenging workouts, thinking that they will do wonders to your body. No, there are exercises that best suits one’s body. So, ensure you consult with your trainer or fitness coach before adding any activities to your work out plan.

Take note of the portions of food you eat

measure your food

Although eating is necessary, it is, however, dangerous if you eat meals that are not balanced. One fitness and lifestyle coach I had a sit down with insisted on the value of taking note of the proportions of food you eat. It is essential to eat a lot of vitamins, but be cautious when it comes to carbs and proteins.


workout advice on hydration

There is no limit to the number of times I can emphasize the value of hydration. Hydrating not only helps in giving you smooth skin but also in reducing belly fat. Besides that, hydrating before, during, and after a workout helps in boosting one’s physical performance. Eventually, it boosts one’s overall health.


Have you been searching for the best workout advice to see you achieve your body goals? I can help you with that. The best workout advice is very straightforward. It includes activities such as hydrating, being consistent, taking walks, and also challenging oneself.

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