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Exercises to Do at Home during Quarantine

Temporary closure of the gyms does not mean we have to stay out of shape. Check out these superb exercises to do at home during quarantine.

Human beings are creatures of habit. Whether it is what we consume, wear, drink, watch, or take part in, the fact is that we stick to a pattern. This is the case with working out. The problem with these habits right now is that they have been shoved out of the window. We can no longer go out to party as we are used to, eat, drink, travel, or work out as before. Instead, we have to stick in our houses to avoid the spread of COVID 19. However, it does mean that we no longer have to work out to keep fit. We ought to adopt new habits, some of which entail working out in our houses. Due to this, I have compiled a list of some of the best exercises to do at home. Check them out:

Beginners and Advanced Exercises to Do at Home 

Before I proceed, let me jot down a few pointers. First and foremost, not all of these exercises may suit one’s needs. For example, all of these exercises to do at home might be about strengthening the core. There are exercises to do at home for weight loss, shed postpartum belly fat, or generally shed off stubborn belly fat. Secondly, these exercises remain ineffective if a calorie deficit does not accompany them. Remember that the kitchen is the first place where you build your body. So, be cautious about what you eat. With that in mind, let us dive straight into the exercises to do at home:

Skipping Rope

Exercises to do at home

One of the best exercises to do at home, especially for beginners, is skipping rope. Although it is highly underrated, it is, in the real sense, quite effective. Rope skipping is one of the most effective exercises to do at home to lose weight. Additionally, it helps your body burn the fat that it has stored in your arms, hips, stomach, and thighs. All you need is a rope, and you are good to go. You can always start small and go large after you are used to the routine.


Exercises to do at home

We can all agree to hate planks, but they do wonders for our bodies. There are several reasons why we should hate planks. I mean, one minute in a plank position feels like a decade, and they take a toll on your core! However, there are a million reasons why we should love them more. They are great for your core and abs. Although most people do not know this, they make your body burn fat uniformly through your body. Again, start small and increase your time as you progress with this exercise.


Exercises to do at home

We would like to love burpees, but their brutality makes most of us hate them! Again, our so effective yet highly disliked exercise, the burpees, is so effective in burning fat. I would recommend this exercise to any individual looking for exercises to do at home for weight loss, regardless of gender. They require no equipment, meaning you can comfortably do them in the comfort of your home.


Exercises to do at home

Push-ups are some challenging but effective exercises to do if you want to strengthen your core, get abs, and also lose weight. Hence, get in a push-up position and start doing them. Over time, you can increase the intensity by switching up how you place your hands.

Mountain Climbers

Exercises to do at home

As the name suggests, this exercise requires you to move your feet as if you are climbing a mountain. They work wonders when it comes to shedding stubborn belly fat. Hence, I advise anyone with hanging belly fat to start doing mountain climbers.


Exercises to do at home

Your booty and glutes do not have to suffer because you cannot access the gym. Instead, you can slowly work on them by doing lunges. Lunges are the perfect exercises to do at home for mass growth of the booty. Advanced individuals can switch up how they do their lunges. For instance, they can do glute activation lunges or lunges with arm drivers.


Exercises to do at home

Squats are other superb exercises to do at home. They work on the booty marvelously. If you are comfortable with weights, you can use dumbbells or kettle bells if you have them in your house to intensify your squats. However, this is not for beginners. Beginners can only do squats without added force to ensure that they are comfortable.


I know I have suggested some of the hated exercises as the best exercises to do at home. They might be your nightmare, but remember that the pain they create is worthwhile. After all, no pain, no gain. Try these exercises today! You can get rid of love handles using this guide: Five Magical Waist Slimming Exercises for a Size 22 Waist

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