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Skincare Routine: Do and Don’ts!!

Should a skincare routine be simple, detailed, or include expensive products? These are the thoughts of many looking for flawless skin.

Skincare routine
What should be my skincare routine? How do I start a skincare routine? How do I make a simple skincare routine? These are among the many questions most of us ask when taking care of our skin. After all, no one wants a dry skin or one with acne and pimples. Of course, most people want a skincare regimen that they can maintain. Therefore, you might find some individuals going a regimen with fewer or cheaper products, even if it barely does the work. Now, you do not need to make such a sacrifice for the sake of having a skincare regimen. In this piece, I will analyze some of the things you need to do and not do when creating a skincare regimen.

Do’s When Creating a Skincare Regimen

According to most dermatologists I have listened to, the best skincare regimen will ask you to do the following:

Know Your Skin Type!!

When you go shopping for jeans, you are required to know your waist size. It will help you get the best fit. Similarly, when you are developing a skincare regime, you are required to know your skin type. Some people have dry, normal, oily, or easily irritated skins. Thus, do not expect your friend’s regimen to suit your needs. Hence, begin by figuring out your skin type. To help you out, ask yourself how your skin reacts with various products or makeup. If you appear greasy or oily after using a product for a few hours, you have an oily face. Similarly, if you feel itchy after using a product and develop an allergic reaction, you have sensitive skin.


Skincare regimen

Whether it is a skincare routine for men, women, or children, a regimen will be useful if it involves cleansing. It is the most significant aspect of any skincare regime. Now, I have heard and seen most people cleanse but still lack the flawless skin. I have come to determine that it is because of the cleanser they use. Harsh cleansers will do you no justice in getting a flawless skin. Similarly, cleansing after every hour or too often will take a toll on your skin too. Therefore, try using gentle cleansers and doing it regularly and not frequently.


Although toning in most skincare routines is optional, a good regimen will always include this option. Toning is one of the best ways of balancing the pH of your skin. However, it can only work if you use the toner that matches your skin type. If you, for example, have dry skin, always choose a hydrating toner. Likewise, if you have an acne breakout, choose a toner with an ingredient to calm these breakouts. This is one factor you need to consider if you are creating a skincare routine for acne.


Skincare routine

The same way your internal organs need water is the same way your skin needs to moisturize. Moisturizing hydrates your skin, which helps to give it that glow. Also, moisturizing helps in strengthening your skin barrier. However, ensure you use a light moisturizer before applying makeup, to avoid it pilling beneath that makeup.

Use Sunscreen

Whether you are on vacay or not, it is always essential to use sunscreen. If your skincare regimen does not ask you to use sunscreen, you need to create another one. Sunscreen is perhaps the essential thing in these routines. It helps protect your skin from the direct sunlight with UV rays that tend to make people’s skin age. Therefore, the next time you are stepping out, ensure you use sunscreen.

Use Serums and Treatments

Skincare regime

A good skincare regime will ask you to use serums and treatments on your skin. They help build your collagen and give you that radiance and glow that you want for your flawless skin. Similarly, they help in decreasing wrinkles’ visibility. You can use these serums and treatments in your night routine when you are calm and relaxed. Nonetheless, always use serums and treatments that favor your skin type.

Don’ts When Creating a Skincare Routine

The primary reason why most individuals lack that flawless skin despite having skincare routines is that they do the following:

Using Strong Soaps

Some people use gentle soap for their faces and then go berserk with the rest of their skin on their bodies. They forget that the skin on their other body parts is also sensitive and needs to be washed with gentle soaps. Harsh and strong soaps will only strip essential oils from your skin, making you lose that radiance. Therefore, next time you go shopping, look for mild soaps if you use different soaps on your face and body.

Including Harsh or the Wrong Products

I have seen people borrowing their friends’ face products merely because they want to get the same glow. Again, we all have different skin types. You might have sensitive skin and then get a severe allergic reaction from using your friend’s products. Therefore, get to know your skin type before using a product. If you are unsure, you can consult a dermatologist. Similarly, avoid using harsh products such as cleansers. They extend the damage to your skin.

Sometimes it may seem like your skin is impossible to manage. However, this may not be the case. It might be that you are using the wrong skincare routine. Use this guide to help you determine the do’s and don’ts when creating a skincare regime.

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