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Secrets on How to Make Long-distance Relationships Work

Most people have been forced into long-distance relationships following the COVID 19 crisis. Here are tips on how to make long-distance relationships work.

How to make long-distance relationships work

‘Is she worth waiting for?’ ‘Am I certain he feels the same way?’ ‘I must be kidding, thinking that this can work.’ These are thoughts that most of us are battling with at the moment based on our relationships. Initially, driving two hours to see our better half in another region was not an issue. Such distance would not hinder the blazing chemistry from growing. However, keeping the fire ablaze has proven problematic following the corona virus quarantine. It has brought most of us to appreciate those people are in long-distance relationships regardless if there is a pandemic or not.

The problem that most of us are experiencing is filling the void of our physical dates and appearances. Some people’s hearts are slowly being filled with the dark emotions of the long-distance relationship falling apart. It does not have to fall apart. Here are some tips on how to make long-distance relationships work:

Set Something that You can Look Forward to Together

Frequent chats and video calls will not feel the void you have. It will instead increase how desperately the two of you need to see each other. The spark cannot stay for long if you keep on video calling each other after every minute. With time it will fade, especially if you two have nothing to look forward to. Consequently, the distance will now make uncertainties to start creeping in. You do not want this to happen. So, set milestones that make both of you eager to see each other. For example, you can decide to move in with each other if you think you are ready for this step. Such a milestone does not distinguish the enthusiasm and spark between you two. Instead, it only adds fuel to the fire.

Be Less Judgmental

The thing with human psychology is that when we are separated with our loved ones, we start to make many assumptions. For example, my partner is not calling because he is with someone or he is talking funny because there is someone beside him. We tend to exaggerate our thinking, and out of our knowledge, we become judgmental. We start criticizing why our partner is acting the way he is, even without considering or listening to his or her explanations. The minute you start making assumptions is the minute you start creating problems in your relationship. Being judgmental is not an approach on how to deal with long-distance relationships. On the contrary, it is an approach of how to end your relationship. Try to be understanding and considerate instead of being overly critical, chaotic, and neurotic.

How to make long-distance relationships work

Make Long-distance Relationships Work by Toning Down the Communication

Now, most people would want to disagree with me in this, but hear me out. Contrary to what most people in long-distance relationships think, you do not have to communicate with each other every minute to make it work. Excessive communication can, in real sense, damage your relationship. Calling or video calling every minute or hour eventually turns possessive or nagging. You now start wishing your partner would not reach out as much and give you a breather.

Similarly, you lack the spark and interest because you know what to expect in the next call. We all know that when a relationship starts to become monotonous, it loses its spark. Consequently, it leads to a break-up. Therefore, tone down on communication. Tease your partner and communicate with him or her at the right moments.

Remember that Being Absent is not Being Perfect

Merely because you are five or six hours away from your lover during this quarantine does not mean your partner is perfect. Even if they were around, they would still show some flaws. He or she will take naps and forget to tell you. They will indulge in other activities like building or repair and leave their phones elsewhere. So, avoid idealizing that your relationship is perfect and that your better half will alert you of everything he or she does. In a way, if you request this, it may depict some possessiveness. Do not expect that they will entirely make you smile. They might blunder one way or the other. You might be disappointed when you find out he is not following your ‘idealized’ schedule. Thus, remember that your partner is human and not perfect.


These are four tips on how to make long-distance relationships work during this corona quarantine. They are straightforward and can spare you a lot of heartaches. Try them today!

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