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Are you in need of extra money yet have no idea about where to start or invest? Let me guide you on how to make money online.

Make money online

Make Money by Starting an Automated Online Business

There has been an exponential growth of technology and the internet. This has attributed to so many job opportunities for millions of people and businesses that never had access to the global market. Globalization is also another factor that has helped in reducing the entry and market costs, consequently making so many firms and people gain access to potential customers. With these developments, most people from developing and developed countries have had the chance to start automated online businesses.

Nonetheless, the development has come with its pros and cons. As much as people have benefited in the global market, they have also had their fair share of competition. Nonetheless, automated online businesses continue to thrive amidst stiff competition. ‘What is an automated online business?’ You may ask. An automated online business refers to a company that you have set up online. In the business, you utilize either software or outsourced employees to help you run it.

Make money online

Most people tend to confuse an automated online business with a passive business. However, the two are different. While an automated business requires you to maintain it daily, a passive business requires little effort and energy. This is because it brings you money despite not getting your full attention, hence the name, passive. The million-dollar question, however, is how one sets up and runs a successful automated online business. If you want to make money online using an automated online business, it might mean that you have to quit your day job.

Secondly, it requires you to identify and venture not only in the best automated online business but also in the one that you can comfortably handle. So, if you are searching for the best automated online business on the internet, remember that not every opportunity best suits you. So, select an automated online business that you are passionate about and also one that you are committed to seeing succeed.

How to Quit Your Day Job and Start a Business


Since a lot of people are advocating for work from home jobs, or people to get paid to work from home online, numerous people have had rational debates on whether or not they should quit their day job. Thus, you find a real estate agent, a bus driver, or an individual from any other profession contemplating leaving and searching for make money from home online jobs.

Online jobs

However, what most people will not tell you is that you should not quit your day job without doing in-depth research on your way forward. Although your goal may be to make money online, you might end disappointed due to lack of knowledge on how to make money online. Hence, do not quit because you heard people are making money online. Instead, quit because you have already found a way of making money online.

Nonetheless, the question most people ask is ‘when do you know you are ready to quit your day job?’ This is an interesting question that most people overlook. Besides identifying how to quit your day job and start a business, you also need to learn how to quit your day job. They will come in handy in solidifying your decision of quitting.

Ways to Know How to Quit Your Day Job

Here are some aspects that can help you make that move, or think twice about making that decision:

The money you have saved for your investment

Make money online

Some make money from home online jobs require capital to start. For instance, if you want to make money from home selling products such as baby clothes and shoes, you have to save money for these baby products. Additionally, you must have money to start either a website or a blog where you can advertise your products. Therefore, if you are thinking that starting an online job is just another walk in the park, then you have to think twice. Besides that, since you quit your day job, you will need money to sustain your needs before your online job takes off. This is why an individual must understand the duration they will have to live on their saved cash before they business picks. Additionally, they also have to budget for the amount they will invest and  the amount that will cater to their miscellaneous spending. 

The timing

I have heard people use the phrase ‘when the time comes; I will quit.’ My question, however, is, when do you know what the right time is? Let us face it. No time ever feels like the right time to quit. Just like there is no better time to have a child, there is also a no better time to quit your day job. This is because every time you decide it is the big day to quit, you end up having so many things you need to figure out before giving up. So, guess what? You cannot set a date on your calendar on when to call it quits. However, timing is impacted by other factors. For example, when you have the correct mindset, the capital, passion, and the online job already, it might be the time for you to call it quits.

Your commitment

Make money online

Most people have the notion that work from home online jobs are pretty straightforward. However, the fact is that these tasks are similar to blue-collar jobs. They are not as easy as ABC, meaning that they require your passion, time, energy, and also your commitment. If there is nothing that you can take away from this article, then please take away this; success goes hand in hand with your commitment. Therefore, if you are committed to attaining your vision and goals, then you become one step away from success. Nonetheless, commitment does not mean that your journey will be smooth. That is everyone’s dream. However, the reality is that the journey to success is bumpy. Only the committed will learn to adjust to the bumps and make it to their vision.

The risks

It is very wise for an individual to sit back and evaluate the good, the bad, and the ugly of whatever move. This is because it will help one in anticipating for various things, for instance, the competition, and also its viability. The best way you can assess the risk in your online job is conducting research. Research on the unattractive aspects of this business, and how the changing lifestyle of individuals can affect it. Similarly, research how business owners in this field are coping and performing.

Why You Should Quit Your Day Job and Make Money Online

Besides looking at the ways to know how to quit your day job, you also need to identify why you should quit your day job. After all, not everyone needs to quit their day job for the sake of securing a work from home job. Additionally, not all people are good at online jobs and quitting their day job can mess them up. So, how do you know if you should quit your day job? Here is how:

When you have lost the passion for it

Make money online

We all have those days when we drag out of bed to go to our jobs. However, there are those days that we are eager to get to work. Nonetheless, there are those people who have to drag themselves every day to work. In addition to that, they are always in a negative mood at work, and cannot wait to get back home. Such people may hint to the fact that they have lost their passion for work. It could mean that you need a change, or sometimes, a break.

When it does not cater to your bills fully

Make money online

If your day job does not cater to all your bills, then you need to take a step back and evaluate what extra job you need to take. In most cases, people begin by taking up automated online businesses that help them make extra cash. However, with time, their online jobs end up picking up. This might be the opportunity for you to quit your day job and start work from home online jobs.

When you need growth

Some jobs might not give you the chance to elevate to become a better person. Thus, when people find jobs that expound their skills and enable them to better themselves, they quickly jump to the opportunity. If you feel like your day job is no longer bettering you, then it might a sign that it is not working out for you.

There are numerous job opportunities online, thanks to technology advancement and globalization. However, people still struggle to identify what automated online business or work from home online job best suits them. This article will guide you in determining when you need to quit your day job for your automated online business.

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