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Life After Health Issues Like COVID19

Will COVID19 pass like other health issues? What happens when this corona wave passes? Here is what I speculate will happen. 

what next after corona?

The corona-virus pandemic has spurred so much controversy right from the smallest unit to the government. Since its first report in Wuhan, most people knew it would spread since foreigners were traveling in and out of Wuhan. However, no one could explain its associated health issues and magnitude. After most countries worldwide reported having COVID19 cases, nations had to take drastic measures. Individuals, too, were as confused as ever because their routines shifted significantly. 

What Changed After the First Corona Cases?

At first, most people were concerned about their health. Of course, health issues may appear minor but have very dire effects. So, people took precaution and wore their masks and sanitized as advised. After a while, people now became less worried about the health issues arising from the virus. They were now more concerned about linking up with their pals, attending classes, and work. However, after critical analysis, solutions for all these queries were found.

First and foremost, most people had to work from home or either shut down their external businesses temporarily until further notice. Some countries advocated for online classes for schools, while others had to shut down the schools until they got a notice to resume. In social interactions, individuals had to stay away and link up via social media. 

Life after Corona virus

Initially, we obeyed all these measures hoping that these interventions would make the pandemic outcomes mitigate or end entirely. However, since we went into the lockdown, it has been an extended period, and now everything has been reshuffled. Most people have lost their jobs, especially due to the looting, others have lost their loved ones, others have been stuck in foreign countries, some have severe health issues, etc. It leaves us to ask ourselves, shall we ever recover from this? More so, shall we ever get a cure to this pandemic? I guess only time will tell. Nevertheless, it is not to mean that we cannot anticipate what will happen once the pandemic eases up. Here are a few of my speculations of what will happen after the corona-virus pandemic!

More Self Employment

Life after health issues

If there is something that this pandemic has taught all of us, it is the art of self-employment. With people being fired, laid off, and losing their job posts from store closures due to the bizarre looting, individuals have had to go to the drawing board and come up with other income sources. This pandemic has taught most of us that you can turn your hobby into a business. For example, if you are good at hair braiding, then you can use this skill to get yourself some money. Similarly, if you are also good at baking, you can use this talent to sell pastries, cookies, cakes, and so on. 

Most people who had side hustles that focused on their talents and skills had to shift them to their mainstream income. For example, a bank teller who tutored as a side job has been forced to focus on online tutoring fully. Thus, do not be surprised to find such a person online with an online tutoring site. 

Strengthened Family Relationships

Life after COVID19

When we look back to when we considered the world as ‘normal,’ you will realize that most of us were ever on the move. I mean, hardly would some individuals spend time together despite being in the same household. I mean, people would miss so many special moments in our loved ones’ lives with the excuse of ‘being busy.’ It is not to mean that some individuals were not busy with other activities. However, some would sacrifice all their family time for irrelevant stuff. 

I have heard people missing their child’s first steps, their wife’s delivery, their brother’s graduation party, with a mere excuse of working. One thing that I am certain this lockdown has done is that it has strengthened family bonds. I mean, we are all locked down under the same roof, unless some of your family members are elsewhere. During this lockdown period, we have learned the value of family and have gotten to appreciate our loved ones even more. However, this does not mean that there are days you wake up and feel like running away from your ‘annoying’ baby brother or sister. It happens. However, I am confident that love surpasses those bits when you feel like hiding away from them. Therefore, I believe most families will remain intact and create time for each other.  

Many Online Businesses

 start an online business

Since we are all under lockdown, movement out of our houses has reduced unlike before. This time around, our movements are few and mostly revolve around the grocery store or healthcare facility. Since most people are not going to work, they have started online businesses. Some are selling products online, others offering tutoring services, some offering consultation, and so on. 

Although these businesses may appear as temporary for some, the fact is that most people will embrace them hands-on after the corona pandemic. Most individuals may not return to their normal jobs after this because they will have made a fortune from the online platform. Only you can decide what job you will take after this corona wave. Where do you think you lie?

More Networking and Globalization

Since most people have been working online, they have had a chance to exchange ideas and network using various platforms like Skype. As people interact and share ideas, they get to acknowledge more income streams resulting from globalization. Thus, after this corona wave passes on, expect to see more people networking or with new platforms that they initially never had.

Healthier Lifestyles

Life following health issues

If you have noticed one interesting thing about this corona pandemic is that most of us, perhaps the larger world percentage has adopted a healthier lifestyle. People are more mindful about what they eat, how their behaviors affect their health and others, and their exercise regime. I do not know about you, but I have seen thousands of individuals taking up workout challenges in my social media. I have also seen most people looking for diet plans and healthier meal plans to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Now, I do pray that we can sustain these healthier lifestyles once our favorite eating spots are back to business. Although I cannot attest to the greater percentage, I can attest that I will sustain the healthier lifestyle myself. What about you?


Like other health issues, we hope that a cure to the deadly corona-virus will pop up soon. However, what is more, shocking for most is what will happen next after this wave passes. Does it mean we go back to the drawing board searching for jobs or what? Does it mean that we no longer have to look past our shoulders, fearing who is next to us and if they have a mask on? What does it mean? In this article, I have shared my beliefs about what will be the case after the corona wave. Feel free to add to my list by commenting right in the comment section below!

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