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How to Lose Love Handles Fast!

Love handles are very challenging to lose. Thus, it is imperative to have a good guide on how to lose love handles. Here is a guide on how to lose this fat.

Lose love handles fast

Although they are known as love handles, there is really nothing to love about these side tyres, which are also known as the love handles. Love handles refer to the excessive fat that is accumulated at the sides of the waist of an individual. It is easily notable when one wears a pair of pants since it tends to sit over the top of jeans. Now, who wants this? I know I don’t! Hence, I am providing you with a guideline I use on how to lose love handles. It has worked for me and I am sure it will also work wonders for you.

Can One Lose Love Handles?

Every girl’s dream is to have that curvaceous body of Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian; you name them. However, the thought immediately turns into a nightmare when we wake up and look at the fat around our waist, which is known as the love handles. Although most people believe they cannot achieve the hourglass figure of such iconic celebrities, the fact is it is achievable with zeal. Despite being a challenge to many, with the right tutorial on how to lose love handles, one can shed off this muffin top. Thus, do not give up. All you need is an excellent guide and self-motivation.

How to Lose the Love Handles

Many people have tried doing crunches, skipping rope, taking walks, to no avail. Others have tried eating healthy but still cannot seem to lose the side tyres. It has made most people lose hope. However, no need to be demotivated. What you ought to know about how to lose this fat is the fact that to get rid of this muffin top efficiently, you have to consider your diet, your exercise program, and your lifestyle. One without the other will be insignificant. Therefore, work on all three aspects.

How to Lose Love Handles Fast by Exercise

First and foremost, one thing most people keep on complaining about is the fact that they have been doing multiple exercises but cannot see the results they want. Here is what you need to know; you may not be seeing the results because you are doing the wrong exercises. Secondly, you may also not be seeing the results because you are not matching your exercise program with the right diet. Thirdly, you may have made no lifestyle changes, which could be significantly affecting the reduction or loss of your muffin top. Therefore, even before listing the practical exercises on how to lose love handles, it is imperative to know that they will not work if you do not change both your diet and lifestyle.

The Best Exercises on How to Lose Love Handles

Here are the best workout exercises to help you shed off that bugging muffin top;

The Russian Twists

When I started working out, I did not know what the best activities were to help me get rid of my love handles. I found myself doing multiple exercises that still did nothing to my love handles. However, I came across a gym instructor who advised me to do the Russian twists. Trust me when I say these twists kill the muffin top like crazy! They are easy to do and are my to-go-to exercises when I see any fat bulging over my favorite pair of pants.

The Side Plank Crunch

When I started working out, I found the side plank crunch to be extremely difficult. I could barely hang on for five seconds. However, over time, I found myself hanging in there for ten seconds, twenty seconds, and even one minute! It is also another big fat burner and works effectively if incorporated in your fitness program.

The 360-Degree Oblique

Although it is very easy, most people still do not do it. There is an assumption that only complex exercises will help you get rid of love handles. This misconception has made a lot of people do the wrong exercises. Well, do not fall victim to this. Do the 360-degree oblique. It is beneficial since it engages the core and works on that waistline like crazy!

How to Lose Love Handles Using Proteins

eat eggs to lose love handles

Protein consumption is one trick that helps you in shedding off the love handle fat very fast. If you are looking for a tutorial on how to lose love handles fast in 1 week, then here it is. All you have to do is stick to your exercise routine but add a high-protein diet. Consider eating high-protein foods such as eggs, beans, nuts, chicken breasts, fish, legumes, meat, and other proteins.

How to Lose Love Handles by Eating Carbohydrates

eat brown rice

Although there is a saying that one should cut out carbohydrates in their diet, I believe there are essential carbohydrates that can help in fighting the fat around your waistline. Instead of completely eliminating carbs in my diet, I chose to eat these carbohydrates; brown rice, sweet potatoes, oats, and whole meals. I have been including these carbohydrates in my diet and can attribute that they help in shedding off rather than increasing my muffin top.

How to Lose Love Handles by Cutting out Sugar

cut out sugar

One of the easiest yet highly ignored mechanism of fighting the love handles is cutting out sugar. If you want to ditch that muffin top, then you should consider reducing the sugar intake. However, it is easier said than done. I know sugar is addictive and also hard to stop consuming. However, the bottom line is you need to leave it! The primary reason being that added sugar in meals such as foods, cookies, and sweets only increases your muffin top. Now, you do not want this, right?

How to Lose Love Handles Fat through Hydrating

how to lose love handles by hydrating

Hydration plays a vital role in helping one lose their love handles. Whenever you feel thirsty, opt to drink water instead of sweet beverages. These sweet drinks tend to add sugar in your body, which consequently adds up to the muffin top around your waist. Now, if you are not in a vicinity where you can buy water, do not stay dehydrated. Instead, purchase watery fruits such as watermelons and oranges.

The bottom line is there is no pain without gain. Thus, do not hold back when it comes to your exercise program. Give it your all. Similarly, eat healthy diets that comprise of high-quality proteins, fibers, and the carbohydrates listed above. All these methods will help you work on your waistline naturally.

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