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How to Build Muscle Fast at Home

A lot of people want to build muscles fast. Therefore, learning how to build muscle fast at home has become quite necessary to many.

If you go on the internet, the chances of not coming across searches like ‘how to build muscle in 2 weeks’ or ‘how to build muscle fast at home without weights’ are rare. The aspect of increasing muscles bugs most people. However, if you are reading this piece, then bid goodbye to these worries because I will be telling you how you can build muscle size fast at home without using weights!

How to Build Muscle Fast at Home Without Weights

Not all people are comfortable working out in a gym. Similarly, others do not have regular access to the gym, which makes it hard for them to work with weights frequently. For most, this marks their end to building muscles. However, what they do not know is that one can build muscles fast at home without weights. Here is how:


How to build muscle fast at home 

Running is one of the simplest exercises that you can undertake if you want to build your muscle size. Not only is it quite useful, but it also requires nothing but your commitment. Therefore, set your alarm, wear comfortable running gear, and get into motion. Beginners, however, do not have to strain running. Instead, they can start with jogging, and after a specified duration, they can begin running. In the beginning, your muscles will feel sore after the run, and you will feel like giving up.

However, do not succumb to the soreness. Instead, continue running, and after a short period, you will forget the pain and start seeing the results. You will get stronger, faster, and more mentally relaxed. Most people who question how to build muscle in 2 weeks, the answer is running. Try it today!


How to build muscle fast at home

Practically all trainers will advise you to add push-ups to your workout if you are investigating on how to increase muscle strength at home or how to build muscles in arms. They are very useful in training your upper body muscles such as those in your arms, chest, shoulders, and back. Therefore, if you have been searching for how to build muscles in arms or how to build muscles fast at home without weights, then the answer is push-ups. Besides helping you increase muscles in your arms, push-ups also help you gain triceps and biceps.


If you are searching for how to build muscle fast at home without weights, then you are advised to do dips. They are handy because, in addition to working on your upper body, they also work on your core. They are not easy to do. Therefore, if you encounter any trouble when doing them, you can ask a friend to help you out, for example, by holding your legs.


How to build muscle fast at home

Although there is a belief that crunches are similar to sit-ups, the two are very different exercises. The difference is not only in how they are done but also in how effective they are. Crunches are more effective in helping an individual strengthen their core and abdominal muscles. However, they are not as easy as they sound. They are quite challenging, and, therefore, one is advised to start small and increase the crunches they do overtime. They are some of the best and proven ways to build muscle fast at home without weights.

Do squats

How to build muscle fast at home

Squats are the real deal when it comes to gaining muscles. Besides working on your glutes, they also work on your back and legs. I researched famous fitness coaches and trainers and what they all had in common is the fact that they never went a day without doing squats. All of them have acknowledged that squats are the key to increasing your muscles. Therefore, if you want to an exercise that works seamlessly on your muscles, back, legs, and glutes, do squats.


How to build muscle fast at home

Let us face it; pull-ups are a nightmare to most people. Thus, do not expect to find numerous people happy to do these exercises. Nonetheless, despite the hate, they acquire from most people, they are excellent upper body exercises that are effective in helping you build muscles fast at home.

Hence, if you are searching for the best exercise to build muscle at home, then do pull-ups. In the beginning, you will feel like quitting. However, do not because with pain, comes gain. If at all, you are unable of doing the upright pull-ups at the beginning of your workout routine, you are advised to try the flat pull-ups. With time, you can now progress to the upright or the chin pull-ups.

How to get muscles for kids

Although most people may think that only grown-ups need to build muscles, kids and teens too, also go out of their way to try and build muscles. Therefore, do not be surprised to come across online searches such as how to build muscles for kids. It could be that the kids or teenagers want the muscles to help them in performing well in their sports or to help them improve their appearance. Whatever the case is, the fact is that the number of people who want to know how to get muscles for kids are numerous. Here are some proven ways on how kids can build muscles fast at home:


How to build muscle fast at home

It may sound funny, but playing helps kids in gaining muscles. When they are playing, they get to run, jog and even jump, all of which are among the best exercise to build muscles fast at home without weights.

Riding a bike

How to build muscle fast at home

In addition to playing, kids can also build their muscles by riding their bikes. The activity is tedious, and it not only engages the core but also the upper body, which makes it useful in building the muscles.


How to build muscle fast at home

Dancing is another activity that can help your child build their muscles. ‘Why?’ You may ask. Because when they are dancing, the children will be using their muscles.

Eating right

How to build muscle fast at home

The best way to learn how to build muscle size is to eat right. However, you may be wondering what eating right means. In a nutshell, eating right entails eating the foods that are required for muscle growth. For instance, proteins. Proteins are bodybuilding foods. Thus, if you want to learn how to build muscle size, focus on eating proteins such as eggs, fish, and meat. In addition to that, also give your child foods that are rich in iron. Nonetheless, do not lean more on proteins since too much of them can cause dire effects to your body. Instead, focus on giving your kid a balanced diet that is rich in nutrients.


In summary, there is no excuse as to why you should not have muscles. Not having access to a gym or weights does not mean you cannot get muscles. This is because there are ways on how to build muscle fast at home without weights. They include doing squats, pull-ups, push-ups, or also crunches. Try them today!

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