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Five Magical Waist Slimming Exercises for a Size 22 Waist 

We all strive at getting a well-toned, size 22 or even lower waist. However, do you know the best waist slimming exercises?

Have you decided to sculpt your abs but lack insight into the best waist slimming exercises to work on your mid-section? Well, it is nothing surprising. Often, when both guys and girls decide to shed off the fat around their waist, they ultimately go on the internet in search of the best exercises to train their waist. However, the exercises differ according to the article one opens and also according to the video one watches. You tend to find that one article advocates for a particular workout, while the other advocates for another exercise. Well, I have been reading through hundreds of articles and watching several workout videos. In my course, I have realized that there are specific waist exercises that most trainers advocate anyone who wants to trim their midsection.

The Best Waist Exercises

If you want to get a sexy well-toned and flat stomach that matches perfectly with a tiny waist, then here are the waist slimming exercises you need to be doing:

Mountain Climbers

Waist slimming exercises

Mountain climbers are among the best waist slimming exercises because they work several muscles simultaneously. In addition to working on shedding off that belly fat by engaging your core, they also work on reducing the fat that you may refer to as the love handles. Getting rid of the love handles is what will make your waist get tinnier. Therefore, start doing mountain climbers today.

How Do You Do Mountain Climbers?

To do this exercise correctly, start by positioning yourself in a full plank position. After that, start jogging, as you move your knees into your chest. The speed at how you jog depends on whether you are a beginner, an intermediate, or an advanced trainer. Some people have always asked if mountain climbers are among the recommended exercises with waist trainers. Again, it depends on the level you are in your workout. Additionally, it may depend on the advice you get from your fitness instructor. Some may recommend the waist trainer; some may not.

Side Plank and Oblique Twist

Waist slimming exercises

Side planks and oblique twists are other fantastic waist exercises that work on your love handles like crazy! As I was reading through various fitness articles, I could not help but notice that each piece gave credit to the side plank and oblique twist. Although it is quite challenging for beginners, one is advised not to give up but rather keep on doing it, due to its fascinating power over the love handles.

How to Do the Side Plank and Oblique Twist

Position yourself in a side-plank position with either your left or right arm resting firmly on the ground. The other arm can hold a dumbbell or any other item that can exert pressure as you do the oblique twist. After that, raise the arm with the dumbbell straight overhead, then lower it back down. As you do so, ensure that you twist directly under your torso. As a result of twisting, your love handles will begin to melt away. However, not instantly. In most cases, an individual will see the changes between three and six weeks. Nonetheless, one can feel the muscle soreness even the next day after they start doing the side plank and oblique twist.

Flutter Kicks

Waist slimming exercises

Other top waist exercises to give you that size 22 waist is the flutter kicks. They are quite easy to do, yet highly ignored by most. Nonetheless, they target the lower part of your abdominal muscles, consequently making you slim down on your waist.

How to Do Flutter Kicks

Begin by laying down on your back in a flat surface. After that, lift your legs in a 60-degree angle and begin crisscrossing them. You can do these for 30 seconds or even one minute. The choice will depend on your stamina and also your ability to keep pushing.

Knee to Elbow Kickback

Waist slimming exercises

In addition to being ranked among the best waist exercises, the knee to elbow kickback is also considered a great full-body exercise. It not only tightens the core but also tones your quads, hamstrings, hips, arms, and shoulders.

How to Do the Knee to Elbow Kickback

Position yourself in an elbow plank position. Afterward, go ahead and lift your left leg and bring it down as you move it towards your chest. After you are done, alternate the legs and do the same for your right leg.

The Elbow Plank

Waist slimming exercises

Of all the workout videos and waist exercises articles that I read, I realized that all of them advocated for the elbow plank. Now, this is neither the easiest nor the most liked waist exercise in the universe. However, it is a rewarding waist exercise to a consistent trainer. Personally, one minute doing the elbow plank feels like years. I know I am not alone in this. However, I keep pushing because I get motivated by the results I see from doing the elbow plank. My results did not come instantly, but with time, I realized some change around my mid-section. Therefore, keep pushing. You are one elbow plank away from a flat belly and cute waist.

How to Do the Elbow Plank

Position yourself in a plank position, with your elbows resting on the ground. Ensure your back is straight. Otherwise, you may risk having back problems. Hold this position for 30, 45, or 60 seconds. It all depends on your stamina. However, do not just do this exercise once for thirty seconds. For quicker and more effective results, do this waist exercise for five reps, or at least 5 minutes. The elbow plank is among the recommended waist exercises with waist trainers. However, if you do not have one, you can still do it.

Waist fat, or what is commonly known as the love handles, can be stubborn to lose. However, this does not mean that fat cannot be melted away. It can, using the best waist slimming exercises. In this article, I have gone the extra mile of doing extensive research to determine the best waist exercises. These five exercises are highly advocated for and are substantial waist slimming exercises. Try them today!

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