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Best Foods to Reduce Love Handles

Stubborn love handles bug most people. Therefore, you will come across numerous searches on how to and what to eat to reduce love handles.

How to trim waist fat

Although the term contains love, there is nothing to adore about love handles. They plague both genders, making it more urgent to identify the best way to get rid of love handles. Of course, love handles exercises go a mile in reducing this stubborn fat around your midsection. However, it is rendered ineffective if one does not practice healthy eating. With that said, let us look at the best foods to reduce love handles to ensure your midsection is looking fabulous and you are feeling better yourself.

What are the Best Foods to Reduce Love Handles?

You might have come across a thousand articles on the best exercises to reduce love handles. I have no problem with this. My issue is that despite doing these exercises, most people still see no changes around their waistline. I blame it on the lack of a solid diet plan. If you are frequent my blog, then you know my slogan: your body is first built in the kitchen. Even before you hit the gym, skip rope, swim or run, nothing counts if you do not prioritize your diet.

Therefore, I will be unveiling my best and to-go-to foods when I need to shed off some pounds around my waist. While they won’t incinerate the fat from your muffin tops immediately, they will promote overall weight loss and long term. Therefore, I urge everyone who decides to add these foods to their diet plan to be patient with themselves. The best foods to eat to reduce love handles include:

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens like kale and spinach will also work wonders on your waistline. They contain essential nutrients that tend to cleanse your body. Similarly, they contain vital fiber that we all known is crucial in constipation prevention.


How to lose love handles

Nuts contain healthy fats that our bodies direly need. There is a misconception that fats from whatever food, regardless if it is healthy or not can automatically make you fat. As I said, that is a misconception. Again, nuts are vital as they are rich in fiber and protein. They will help you drop those extra pounds if at all you also incorporate the right exercises to reduce love handles. Go ahead then and grab your raw or roasted nuts.

Sweet Potatoes

Foods to reduce love handles

If I were to personally rank the best slow carbs, sweet potatoes would easily take the crown. I love the enormous benefits that sweet potatoes bring to the table. First and foremost, they are slow carbs, meaning they are digested quite slowly by the body. As a result, you end up feeling quite full and energized for an extended duration.

Secondly, sweet potatoes contain numerous vitamins that supply an individual with the required energy. Therefore, if your energy levels are slacking and still need to hit the gym, try these magical potatoes. They will supply you with the energy you need to either work out at home or in the gym.

Black Beans

What to eat to reduce love handles

Although most people do not like black beans, they are, however, among the best fat-fighting foods to eat. They are quite low in fat but very high in fiber. Black beans also have a high amount of resistant starch. This starch helps an individual feel fuller for longer, thereby suppressing one’s appetite.

However, black beans cannot do the trick alone. An individual has to ensure they incorporate the right exercise to reduce love handles. I have done all the homework for you and there is no need to stress over what these exercises are. Simply click on this link to learn the how to lose love handles fast.


Foods to trim waistline fat

Quinoa is another fantastic protein to whip up if you want to reduce your muffin tops. It contains essential amino acids that are crucial in fat loss and muscle build-up. Quinoa is also known to contain a powerful chemical known as betaine. Betaine helps in shedding off that extra fat to ensure it is not deposited around your waist or belly.


Eggs are among the best fat-fighting foods. They contain fat-fighting nutrients that work wonders in shedding off stubborn fat. Therefore, if you are struggling with the fat around your waistline, add eggs to your diet plan. Do not limit yourself to how you prepare your eggs. Make them fun to eat such that you will not struggle or easily get bored with them. Try eating them in a salad, as hard-boiled, soft scrambled, and so forth.

Again, these foods will not miraculously work on your waistline alone. They will try shedding off the fat around your belly fat, back, waistline, and so forth. Hence, do not cut them off in case you observe no changes around your waistline. They could be working on your back fat.

Best Snacks to Melt Love Handles

While I have accounted for the best foods to eat to reduce love handles, I find it worthwhile to also touch on the snacks too. Most people struggle when it comes to snacking. The urge to snack is quite powerful for some, and has seen them deter away from their weight loss journey, diet plan, and so forth. Snacking should not be the reason why you continuously struggle to get rid of your love handles. There are plenty of snacks that one can have that can still boost how fast they shed the fat around their waistline. These foods include:


Reduce love handles

One of my to-go-to snacks, when I am craving for sugar, is the delicious apple. It is quite low in cholesterol and vital in managing blood sugar. Therefore, I consider it a win because I get my sugar rush and cravings sorted on something that has not jeopardized my workout results. Therefore, if you are craving for a chocolate bar, next time substitute it with an apple. Their high fiber and low calories will not deter your progress in reducing your love handles. Instead, they will enhance their loss.


Foods to reduce love handles

My other delicious snack to eat especially when I am trying to reduce love handles is the banana. Again, its sugar is as satisfying as that of any chocolate bar. However, it is much more rewarding than the chocolate bar. Bananas are very nutritious and quite rich in fiber and antioxidants. The high fiber fat loss around your waist by making one fuller for long, thereby reducing one’s appetite.


Are grapes good to snack on? Can I eat grapes at night? Are grape cravings good or bad? These questions are quite popular online. It seems like most people doubt the power of grapes as snacks. I can tell you for free that grapes are among the healthiest snacks you can ever have. They are quite rich in antioxidants and polyphenols that are vital in the body. You can enjoy these snacks even late at night, and not worry about adding more fat to your already stressing muffin tops.

Add these foods to your diet plan and watch those extra pounds trim around your waistline. They are quite tasty, meaning you do not have to struggle with bitter tastes. However, you will have to incorporate the appropriate love handle exercises. Diet goes hand in hand with physical activity for faster results.



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