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Answers to What to Do in a Lockdown

Thousands of people want to know what to do in a lockdown, especially now that we are in house arrest following the Corona pandemic. Here are suggestions.

What to do in a lockdown

When it comes to health, preventive care is more significant than curative care. Therefore, if COVID 19 can be prevented by staying indoors and washing hands frequently, I suggest you do exactly that. However, what does staying at home entail? Does it just mean chilling with Netflix from the time the sun is shining until the wee hours? Or do you have to cook and eat everything you have stocked to pass the time? I certainly do not believe so. Here are several suggestions on what to do in a lockdown:

Invest in Reading

What to do in a lockdown

‘But I do not have books,’ you may say. You do not have to own piles of books for you to invest in reading. Thanks to technology, people can now easily access eBooks. I cannot even narrow down the value of reading in just one article. Reading does a lot of wonders that most people do not know. It does the following:

  1. They help you discover yourself. If you read the right materials, you will open up new trains of thoughts that tap into who you are.
  2. They equip you with valuable knowledge. I would be lying if I said that most things I know I did not learn from reading. For example, I am good at cooking because I read recipes. I am also good at writing because I read relevant materials that sparked my interest in writing. So, get into it!
  3. They work marvellously on your mental health. If you thought that only mediation could do the trick when it comes to mental health, then think again. Reading gives you all sorts of emotions. They could be sad, envious, angry, anxious, jealous, betrayal, and so on. The amalgamation of all these and other emotions will help you grow emotionally.
  4. They enhance your memory. There are numerous things you tend to remember when you are reading, which consequently work on your mind. It could be the ambience of when rivals met, the reckless or cautious actions of an antagonist, the climax, a specific plot, or so on.

These are to name but a few reasons why you need to start reading. Trust me; you will not be sorry for investing in yourself during this quarantine period.


What to do in a lockdown

A lot of articles have told you to start cooking, watching, eating, and the likes. Do not get me wrong. I also advocate for this. However, I try to create a perspective where you start something that down the line could be a way of increasing your income streams. In this generation, people are earning from art. A simple piece of drawing can bring you a few bucks. And guess what, you are earning from something you enjoy doing. So, if you like playing around with pencils and creating cartoons, people images, and so on, it is high time you start perfecting this skill. It could come in handy down the line.

Catch Up with Fam

What to do in a lockdown

With our busy schedules, it is no surprise that the bonds with our loved ones were almost reaching a breaking point. If not, they were not as solid as they used to be. This is the perfect opportunity for you to spend more time with your loved ones. Reconnect with them and know how they are faring. Such healthy relationships will do wonders to your mental health. Additionally, the conversations with your loved ones might be what you need right now. They can motivate you, help you get out of a violent or abusive setup, help you determine your worth, or challenge you for the better.

Start that Online Gig

I have heard thousands of people pulling the ‘no time’ card whenever they are asked to invest in online gigs. Now that you have the time to start that online makeup tutorial class, YouTube channel, an eBook exchange forum, online consultation, what is hindering you? There will never be a better time than today. Hence, avoid using the card of ‘when the right time comes.’ Secure the bag b investing in that online gig today. If you do not know what work from home job is right for you, check out ‘How to Choose the Best Online Job Easily.’


If you are a travel blogger, then this is the perfect time for you to research on the best travel destinations across the globe. Usually, due to high demands, travel bloggers tend to limit themselves to specific destinations. So, they end up recommending their clients to visit destinations that their competitors are also suggesting. Think out of the box during this period and equip yourself with knowledge of other worthy places to visit. After lockdown, this information will help you in bagging more clients compared to your competitors.


What to do in a lockdown

Of course, I had to remind everyone to exercise. Here is the problem most individuals have the notion that they can only work out in the gym. This is a misconception that is wearing you down, and you have to drop immediately. There are a lot of exercises that you can do at the comfort of your home, or aren’t there? Hence, start doing them today. Exercising is one of the best ways of feeling better, active, and being healthy. So, gran that yoga mat and start doing those planks, mountain climbers, push-ups and the rest.


What to do in a lockdown

‘What to do in a lockdown? ‘ you may be asking. Easy! Sew! Another misconception is that sewing is reserved for the aged. If people knew the value of sewing, then would perfect that skill immediately. Sewing is one of the ways that you can increase your income streams. Nowadays, people are looking for clothes that stand out. Things like crocket bikinis, kneaded sweaters, and so on. Thus, it is high time that you learn how to sew. Additionally, sewing is meditative. It helps you in focusing on there and then. Such meditation will improve your mental well-being, hence eliminating the slightest stress, depression, or anxiety.

By now, I bet you are already tired of chilling with Netflix and are wondering what to do in a lockdown. Here are some ideas on what to do in lockdown. All these ideas are beneficial to your health, pocket, and you as an individual. Try them today!

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